A Global Vision for Academic Scholarship and Professional Development

Authors: Krishnasamy T. Selvan and Karl F. Warnick

Source: FERMAT, Education 3, 2018

Abstract: The global academic system has been remarkably successful in providing high quality education and creating new knowledge. The growth of research-focused institutions around the world and the associated increase in publications and institutional pressures to publish create a danger of shifting academia away from its philosophical moorings. This presentation reflects on possible ways of adjusting priorities and incentives to respond to these pressures. Pursuing excellence in teaching, scholarship and research requires continuous learning and reflection, proper motivations, effective communication, integrity, networking, and two-way engagement with the academic community. We discuss the evaluation of funding proposals and faculty evaluation and institutional rewards, and the holistic priorities of educational institutions, looking into the near future, with the goal of maintaining the health of the academic enterprise.

Index Terms: Academic research funding, Excellence in education, Academic publication, Academic scholarship, Evaluation metrics for academics

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A Global Vision for Academic Scholarship and Professional Development