ENISo IoT Challenge

Authors: Taha BEN SALAH

Source: FERMAT, Volume 22, Education 1, Jul-Aug., 2017

Abstract: Internet of Things is an ideal topic to vehicle students interest in engineering and its immediate impact on everyday’s life. It has the ability to assemble distinct students from distinct engineering fields with very distinct expectations and yet all find room for innovation with successful cooperation. It gathers skills in electronics, mechanics, software, networking, safety, security, communication, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence, machine learning, distributed systems and so many other fields and therefore it stands as the outstanding topic engineering institutions should focus on to motivate students in “Learning by doing” and “Team learning”. That said, ENISo IoT Challenge is a National (Tunisia) Challenge organized by ENISo (National Engineering School of Sousse, Tunisia) held once a year. In this presentation we will discuss motivations, 2017’s edition highlights and will conclude with the challenge Theme/Statement as presented to students (translated from French, the official language in Tunisia) at the challenge kick-off. This experience was highly appreciated by both students and industrial partners and hence sharing this experience becomes relevant.

Index Terms: Internet of Things, Challenge, Team learning, IoT

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ENISo IoT Challenge