A Multi-band High Selectivity FSS for Ka-Band Applications

Authors: Muaad Hussein, Yi Huang, Bahaa Al-Juboori, Jiafeng Zhou

Source:FERMAT, Volume 22, Communication 19, Jul.-Aug., 2017

Abstract: This presentation discusses a new method to implement Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSSs) with high selectivity for satellite applications. For such applications, received signals can be separated by both the reflection and the transmission of an FSS. The FSS can be realized by combining different bandpass and bandstop structures on the same plane. Passbands and stopbands of the FSS can be tuned by choosing appropriate dimensions of the structures. By doing so, multiple passbands and stopbands of an FSS can be obtained. A prototype FSS at around 40 GHz is designed and tested in free space to verify the proposed design. The proposed method can also be used for multi-layer FSS designs.

Index Terms: Bandpass, bandstop, frequency selective surface (FSS), millimeter-wave, reflection, spatial filter, transmission

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A Multi-band High Selectivity FSS for Ka-Band Applications