Wide Angle Scanning Planar Phased Array Antenna

Authors: Dr. Shaoqiu Xiao, Yan Li, Ren Wang, Youfeng Chen, Xiao Ding, Wei Shao, Bing-Zhong Wang

Source: FERMAT, Volume 29 , Communication 3, Sep.-Oct., 2018

Abstract: Linear and 2-D phased arrays with wide-angle scanning are expected, especially for low elevation target searching. Many efforts have been done to enlarge the scanning range. There are several methods to broaden the scanning coverage of array. In this presentation, we only focus on enlarging the beam-width of elements to improve the wide-angle scanning performance of array. Pattern reconfigurable antenna, which increases beam-width equivalently, is used in a linear Vivaldi array for wide-angel scanning in time-domain. Element with Inherent wide beam is applied in linear and 2-D phased array to extend the scanning region.

Index Terms: Phased array; wide-angle scanning; linear and 2-D array.

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Wide Angle Scanning Planar Phased Array Antenna