Emerging wideband reconfigurable antenna elements for wireless communication systems

Authors: LIN Wei , Supervisor: Dr. WONG Hang

Source: FERMAT, Volume 20, Communication 11, Mar-Apr., 2017

Abstract: This presentation introduces several emerging reconfigurable antenna elements for modern broadband wireless communication systems. Firstly, we present a wideband ±45⁰ linear polarization (LP) reconfigurable antenna with broadside radiation pattern. A new method is proposed to achieve the switchable polarizations by designing a reconfigurable feeding aperture for a square radiating patch. To realize this, we introduce four PIN diodes as RF switches connected between a cross feeding aperture such that the orthogonal direction of the rectangular aperture can be controllable. As the result, ±45⁰ linear polarizations can be reconfigured. Furthermore, in order to widen the operating bandwidth, the stacked patches are adopted. Beside of the linear polarization, we also propose a wideband circular polarization (CP) reconfigurable antenna with uni-directional broadside radiation pattern. The antenna consists of four planar monopolar radiators excited by an output reconfigurable feeding network. Switchable left-handed circular polarization (LHCP) and right-handed circular polarization (RHCP) are realized by controlling the output phases of the feeding network for the monopolar radiators. In addition, we also introduce a wideband omni-directional CP reconfigurable antenna with a conical-beam pattern. The idea is to combine a broadband center-fed monopolar patch working as an electric dipole (E-dipole) and eight reconfigurable coupling loop stub radiators as the magnetic dipoles (M-dipole) together to generate the reconfigurable CP conical-beam radiation. The proposed three wideband reconfigurable antenna designs have overcome the narrowband challenge in traditional polarization reconfigurable antenna designs.

Keywords: Reconfigurable antennas, wideband, polarization diversity, aperture-fed patch antenna, conical-beam, monopolar patch.

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Emerging wideband reconfigurable antenna elements for wireless communication systems