Wireless Channel Capacity Estimation in the THz Band

Authors: George Tsoulos, Panagiotis Fytampanis, Georgia Athanasiadou and Dimitra Zarbouti

Source: FERMAT, Volume 20, Communication 20, Mar-Apr., 2017

Abstract: Carrier frequencies beyond 300 GHz have recently received attention primarily due to the potential for impressive capacity for future multi-gigabit wireless communication systems. In this context, this work considers the channel attenuation factor for a relatively large distance of 1km and then estimates the available bandwidth and the corresponding maximum data rate in the THz band. Results are very promising and show that capacity values beyond 1Tbps can be achieved under certain conditions for the transmitted power, antenna gains and weather conditions.

Index Terms: THz communications, wireless communications, link budget, capacity

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Wireless Channel Capacity Estimation in the THz Band