Unstructured grid and conservative particle.......

Authors: Dong-Yeop Na , Yuri A. Omelchenko , and Fernando L. Teixeira

Source: FERMAT,Volume 19,Communication,Jan-Feb,2017

Abstract: We present an accurate and efficient electromagnetic particle-in-cell (EMPIC) algorithm on unstructured grids for the analysis and design of axisymmetric slow-wave structures. The use of unstructured grids allows for more fidelity in the modeling of micromachined geometries. The use of a reduced dimensionality algorithm decreases the computational costs significantly and enables its integration as a forward engine into a design loop. Special gather and scatter steps are employed to yield accurate beam plasma dynamics and exact charge conservation on unstructured grids. We provide numerical examples involving travelling-wave tube amplifiers designed to harness bunching effects arisen from Cherenkov radiation from plasma electron beams.

Index Terms: Maxwell-Vlasov equations, particle-in-cell, plasma, vacuum electronics devices.

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Unstructured grid and conservative particle.......