A Novel Multiple-Stub Ultra-Wide Band Antenna

Authors: Yanni Cui, Qiong Zhou, Xiupu Zhang, Dongya Shen and Yanghao Zhou

Source: FERMAT, Volume 20, Communication 17, Mar-Apr., 2017

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel multi-stub ultra-wide band planar monopole antenna. The radiation patch of the antenna is composed of a pair of back-to-back E-shape-like stub elements. The E-shape-like stub element is the extension of the E-shape stub element, adding two semi-circle elements at the back of the E-shape stub element and extending the top of the E-shape stub element with an inverted L-shape element with a “suspending hammer” element. Two semi-circle slots etched on the rectangular ground which is extended make the ground with two step-like structures to realize ultra-wideband. The antenna is printed on a substrate of the dielectric constant 4.6. The experiment results show that the bandwidth of the antenna is 3.2GHz-18.7GHz for S11 of less than -10dB.

Index Terms: antenna; multi-stub; ultra-wide band; monopole

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A Novel Multiple-Stub Ultra-Wide Band Antenna