Phased Array Antennas for Space Applications and Challenges

Authors: Dr. Arun K. Bhattacharyya

Source: FERMAT, Volume 28, Communication 2, Jul.-Aug., 2018

Abstract: Phased array antennas are becoming increasingly popular in satellite communications because of their inherent advantages of beam reconfigurability. In this talk we present an overview of modern phased array technology in communication satellites. The talk begins with a brief history of phased array antennas followed by its basic architecture and operating principle. We then briefly discuss various applications of phased array antennas including target identification and communication. Performance comparison between array-fed reflector and direct radiating array is presented next. Methods for aperture analysis and beam synthesis are discussed. Different types of beam forming networks are shown and their operating principles are explained. The talk ends with a discussion of design challenges for radiating elements, active components and beam forming networks.

Index Terms: Phased Array, beam forming network, array-fed reflector, aperture analysis, synthesis

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Phased Array Antennas for Space Applications and Challenges