Broadband Beamforming of Terahertz.......

Authors: M. Mahdi Assefzadeh and Aydin Babakhani

Source: FERMAT,Volume 19,Communication,Jun-July,2016

Abstract: In this paper, a single-chip impulse antenna array is presented that performs spatial combining of picosecond impulses radiated from 8 elements. A new broadband beamforming architecture is introduced that controls the timing of impulses radiated from each antenna by delaying a trigger signal, with resolution steps of 300fsec. This method eliminates the distortive and narrowband effects of delay blocks in conventional phased arrays by separating the delay path from the information path. Frequency domain measurements are performed up to 1.03THz and array directivities of 22dBi at 0.33THz, 25dBi at 0.57THz, and 27dBi at 0.75THz are achieved. The 8-element array is fabricated in a 90nm Silicon Germanium BiCMOS process technology.

Index Terms: On-chip Antennas, Terahertz Arrays, Coherent Spatial Combining, Beamforming, Slot Bow-Tie, Silicon, SiGe.

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Broadband Beamforming of Terahertz.......