Transformation Cloaks for Surface Electromagnetic Waves

Authors: Baile Zhang, Hongyi Xu, Handong Sun, Su Xu, Hongsheng Chen, John D. Joannopoulos, and Marin Soljacic

Source: FERMAT, Volume 15, Communication 2, May-Jun., 2015

Abstract: An invisibility cloaking device for electromagnetic waves in free space is deemed fundamentally difficult, because the electromagnetic waves inside the cloak need to follow a prolonged bending path, requiring superluminal propagation—a feat potentially achievable only over an extremely narrow band. Here we show that, by switching from free-space electromagnetic waves to surface electromagnetic waves, transformation cloaks can find immediate applications without any fundamental limitations. We demonstrate a class of cloaks capable of remarkable broadband surface electromagnetic waves guidance around ultrasharp corners and bumps with no perceptible changes in amplitude and phase. This work is published in PNAS 112, 7635-7638 (2015).

Key words: Invisibility cloaking, Broadband, Surface wave.

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Transformation Cloaks for Surface Electromagnetic Waves