A folded loop antenna with four resonant modes

Authors: Di Wu , S.W.Cheung , T.I. Yuk

Source: FERMAT, Volume 13, Communication 5, Jul.-Aug., 2016

Abstract: A multimode loop antenna with compact volume for mobile applications is presented in this paper. The loop antenna consists of a loop strip with a length of about 0.5 . The loop strip is meandered to save space and bent to generate three traditional resonant modes, the 0.5- ,1- and 1.5- modes, and an additional higher mode, the 2- mode. The additional 2- mode is generated by adjusting the distance between the feed point and shorting point of the loop strip. The 1- ,1.5- and 2- modes together form an upper band with a wide bandwidth of 1.71-2.69 GHz to cover the DCS1800, PCS1900, UMTS2100, LTE2300 and LTE2500 systems. By using a matching network at the loop input, the lower band generated by the 0.5- mode has a bandwidth of 0.76-1.09 GHz to cover the GSM850 and GSM900 systems.

Index Terms: Mobile antenna, loop antenna, multiband antenna, multimode antenna, LTE antenna.

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A folded loop antenna with four resonant modes