Electromagnetic Theory Teaching: Focusing Beyond Applications

Authors: Krishnasamy Selvan

Source: FERMAT,Volume 12,Communications 22,Nov-Dec,2015

Abstract: This presentation considers the challenges facing electromagnetic education. While practical utility is generally and rightly cited as to why the subject is important and is required to be learnt, given the declining core jobs in several parts of the world, the presentation examines if the relevance of electromagnetic theory in education significantly extends beyond applications. The answer seems to be yes, given that the development of the theory contains approaches that exemplify attributes such as creativity, diversity and life-long learning. These aspects are illustrated with examples drawn from EM theory. The presentation concludes with the thought that delivering EM theory with a focus on both applications and attributes is worth a try.

Index Terms: Creativity, Diversity, Education, Electromagnetic education, Electromagnetic units, Innovation, Maxwell's displacement current

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Electromagnetic Theory Teaching: Focussing Beyond Applications