A tutorial on electromagnetic units and Constants

Authors: Krishnasamy Selvan

Source: FERMAT,Volume 12,Communications 20,Nov-Dec,2015

Abstract: This discussion begins by presenting one way of looking at the nature of the scientific process, and explains how models and hence quantities are fundamental to this process. Since quantities and measurability go hand-in-hand, units, which are just references for quantities, become inevitable, as 'we can do no more than compare one thing with another.' Constants enter into the picture, as we need definitive numbers for our quantities, rather than just proportionalities, in the process of measurement. After discussing the above, the presentation considers Maxwell's equations in generalized units, and explains how Maxwell deduced that light was electromagnetic in nature. It then goes on to explain how electrical units can be deduced in SI and CGS systems, and illustrates these with examples. A consideration of the nature of o and o follows. The presentation concludes with a thought on how a contextual consideration of electromagnetic theory can throw light on scientific approach.

Index Terms: CGS units, Electromagnetic units, Maxwell's equations, Permittivity of free space, Permeability of free space, SI units, Units, Velocity of light

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A tutorial on electromagnetic units and Constants