Understanding Electrical Properties of Dielectrics

Authors: Krishnasamy Selvan

Source: FERMAT, Volume 16, Communication 9, Jul.-Aug., 2018

Abstract: This presentation is a tutorial on electrical properties of dielectrics for the benefit of students. It starts with a review of necessary electromagnetic preliminaries including flux and Gauss' law in free-space. Polarization in dielectrics is then discussed, leading to the generalized Gauss' law. Reviewing what makes permittivity complex in lossy materials, the presentation also considers why dielectrics delay electromagnetic waves. A brief introduction to tensors, and a quick look at anisotropic dielectrics follow.

Keywords: Polarization in dielectrics, Permittivity, Complex permittivity, Delay in dielectrics, Tensors, Artificial dielectrics

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Understanding Electrical Properties of Dielectrics