EM Symposium in Honor of Raj Mittra.

Authors: Jose Schutt-Aine

Source: FERMAT, Communication, Vol10-July_Aug-001

Abstract:Professor Raj Mittra was a member of the ECE Illinois faculty from 1957 to 1996. In his nearly forty years on campus, he taught and mentored countless students in the Electromagnetics Lab on the fourth floor of Everitt. To show their gratitude for Professor Mittra and the impact he had on their careers and lives, a number of his former students are sought to name a space in the new ECE building in his honor. The response from students and friends of Raj was tremendous. The Raj Mittra Symposium was held on Saturday, September 27, 2014 and was attended by a large group. The all-day event included a conference, a classroom dedication event and a banquet. ECE ILLINOIS alumni, students and friends of Raj Mittra met to recognize his contributions to Electromagnetics and to ECE-Illinois. A total of 9 speakers gave presentations outlining the Raj Mittra's contributions. In the afternoon, the "Raj Mittra Classroom" was officially dedicated. Finally, at the evening banquet, testimonials from former students and from Raj Mittra were heard. Overall, participants and attendees enjoyed a day full of good memories.

Keywords:Raj Mittra, electromagnetics, dedication, ECE-Illinois, classroom, symposium.

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EM Symposium in Honor of Raj Mittra.