Novel Concepts for Advanced Microstrip and DRA Designs

Authors: Chandreyee Sarkar

Source: FERMAT, Volume 39, Communication 1, May-Jun., 2020

Abstract: This work aimed at developing new solutions in terms of innovative feed designs and mounts for practical applications of microstrip and dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs). The investigation explores and establishes a strong relation between the impedance variation over the full operating band of a microstrip patch and its cross-polar radiations, thereby proposing engineered feed to obtain optimised cross-polar radiations. DRAs are the latest high-efficient non-metallic antennas. The challenge of DRA deployment without using a chemical glue/adhesive has been addressed. A mechanically stable glueless DRA design has been proposed.

Index Terms: Microstrip patch, dielectric resonator antennas, feed, cross-polarisation.

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Novel Concepts for Advanced Microstrip and DRA Designs