50 Years of Antenna R&D

Authors:Cyril Mangenot

Source:FERMAT, Volume 6, Communications 3, Nov Dec.,2014

Abstract: The first part is an update of an invited "Retirement from ESA” presentation and covers the review of 50 years of Antenna R&D from 1964 to 2014, 35 of which with the European Space Agency. . Some highlights, including Log-periodics, Lindenblad-type broadcast antennas, reflect arrays for radar, and a variety of active, semi-active array and reflector multi-beam antennas f or space are reviewed, with emphasis on R&D and innovation. This first part focuses on some new concepts that were successfully demonstrated, developed in industry and used for real projects. Conclusions include some possible lessons learned and trends. In the second part, key space antenna challenges for future Satellite Antenna R&D are proposed and discussed. These aim at deploying larger antenna apertures, increasing telecommunication satellite throughput, enhancing antenna coverage and polarization reconfiguration. New antenna concepts and technologies are also needed for innovative Earth Observation and Science instruments ranging from P and L-band radars to Space borne millimeter wave and Terahertz sensing instruments. The need for new approaches for satellite/antenna modeling and testing is also discussed

Keywords:Frequency Independent Antenna, Broadcast Antenna, Radar Antenna, Reflectarray Antenna, Satellite Payload, Satellite Antenna, Antenna Modeling, Multi-beam Array Antenna, Conformal Array Antenna, Multi-beam Reflector Antenna, Antenna Beam-forming, Semi-Active Antenna, Multi-matrix Antenna, Deployable Reflector Antenna, Shaped Reflector Antenna, Contoured Beam Antenna, Remote Sensing Antennas, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Satellite Antenna Testing

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50 Years of Antenna R&D