Broadband Hybrid Water Antennas

Authors: Ya-Hui Qian

Source: FERMAT, Volume 15, Communication 7, May-Jun., 2015

Abstract: A broadband hybrid water antenna at very high frequency band is presented. The proposed antenna is composed of a seawater monopole and a distilled-water ring antenna. The broadband of this hybrid antenna is caused by the multiple resonances introduced by the hybrid monopole-ring structure. This antenna achieves a wide bandwidth from 52.5MHz to 162.5MHz, indicating over 3.1:1 operating bandwidth, i.e., more than 102% impedance bandwidth around the center frequency of the band. The bandwidth of this water antenna can be also improved by changing the shape of the distilled-water antenna, as much as 129% impendence bandwidth with conical-shaped water antenna has been demonstrated.

Key words: water antenna, hybrid antenna, monopole, ring antenna, broadband.

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Broadband Hybrid Water Antennas