Design of Polarization-Dependent Reflectarray for Terahertz Waves

Authors: Tiaoming Niu, Withawat Withayachumnankul, Derek Abbott, and Christophe Fumeaux

Source: FERMAT, Volume 02, Communication 9, Mar_Apr, 2014

Abstract: A reflectarray is designed for polarization-dependent beam deflection at 1 THz. Each unit cell is composed of two sets of dipole resonators, corresponding to orthogonal polarizations. The orthogonal dipoles are arranged in two interlaced triangular-lattice arrays. One subarray containing multiple unit cells provides a gradient phase response to complete a 2pi phase cycle over its length. This design demonstrates that it is possible to separate the polarization components of an incident beam by deflecting them into two different directions in a given plane. Numerical results predict successful implementation of the principle with available materials and within realistic manufacturing tolerances for operation at a frequency of 1 THz.

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Design of Polarization-Dependent Reflectarray for Terahertz Waves