Near-Field Characteristics of a Wideband Traveling-Wave Antenna Based on a Tapered Half-Mode Substrate-Integrated Waveguide

Authors: Nghia Nguyen-Trong, Thomas Kaufmann, and Christophe Fumeaux

Source: FERMAT, Volume 02, Communication 7, Mar_Apr, 2014

Abstract: The half-mode substrate-integrated waveguide (HMSIW) is created by cutting a SIW into a half. Due to the appearance of an open aperture, HMSIW has high radiation loss close to cut-off, which can be exploited to design antenna.

A travelling-wave antenna based on a tapered HMSIW has been proposed in [1] with some unique characteristics such as very wide bandwidth (6.7 to 16 GHz) and omni-directional radiation pattern with horizontal polarization.

This paper investigates the near-field distribution of this antenna to verify its guided-wave characteristics and radiation mechanism.

Keywords: Half-mode substrate-integrated waveguide (HMSIW), near-field distribution, near-field measurement, wideband, traveling-wave antenna.

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Near-Field Characteristics of a Wideband Traveling-Wave...