Entanglement of two-level atoms above graphene

Authors: Andrei Nemilentsau, Seyyed Ali Hassani, George Hanson, and Stephen Hughes

Source: FERMAT, Volume 11, Communications 12, Sep_Oct, 2015

Abstract: Using the quantum master equation, we demonstrate entanglement of two-level atoms (TLAs) over graphene. Graphene, acting as a structured photonic reservoir, significantly modifies the spontaneous decay rate of a TLA, and is rigorously incorporated into the formalism through the classical electromagnetic Green dyadic. Moreover, entanglement between the TLAs can be improved compared to the vacuum case, due to coupling of the TLAs to TM surface plasmons on graphene. Dynamics of TLAs can be further controlled by graphene biasing.

Keywords: coupling, entanglement, two-level atom, graphene.

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Entanglement of two-level atoms above graphene