Radio Spectral evolution with photonic technologies

Authors: Tadao Nagatsuma

Source: FERMAT, Volume 9, Communications 2, May Jun., 2015

Abstract: The electromagnetic waves at frequencies from 0.1 THz (100 GHz) to 10 THz is referred to as terahertz (THz) waves, which are located between microwaves and infrared light waves, and have remained unutilized for our life. Thanks to tremendous efforts of research and development over two decades, THz technologies have proven lots of capabilities which are not available with conventional radio waves and/or light waves. In this paper, we describe how efficiently THz waves can be generated and detected by contemporary photonics technologies, and present recent emerging applications including wireless communications, spectroscopy, and imaging

Keywords: terahertz, photonics, generation, detection, communication, spectroscopy, imaging, measurement.

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Radio Spectral evolution with photonic technologie