UHF RFID antenna for tagging metallic objects

Authors: Sergio López-Soriano , Josep Parrón

Source: FERMAT, Volume 13, Communication 10, Nov.-Dec., 2016

Abstract: : Nowadays, the labeling of metal objects faces the challenge of getting a large read range while maintaining a reduced antenna size. This contribution presents a tag antenna design for identifying metal objects in the European UHF band (865-868 MHz). The antenna consists of a dipole mounted on a thin dielectric which is coupled to two shorted patches mounted on FR4 substrate. The overall dimensions of the tag are 73 mm x 25 mm x 3.2 mm. Full wave simulations show that this tag could attain a read range of 9.5 m when attached to a metal.

Index Terms: : Small antenna, long range, metallic surface, RFID tag antenna.

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UHF RFID antenna for tagging metallic objects