A Courseware about Microwave Antenna Pattern.

Authors: Shih-Cheng Lin, Chi-Wen Hsieh*, Yi-Ting Tzeng, Lin-Chuen Hsu, and Chih-Yu Cheng

Source: FERMAT, Volume 15, Communication 4, May-Jun., 2015

Abstract: We developed a low-cost automated pattern measurement system for characterizing the 2.4 GHz ISM-band antenna by using three-antenna method. The adopted components for the developed system can be easily accessible so that this system is valuable for teaching purpose. In a noisy non-anechoic environment, the measurable antenna gain ranges from −27.3 to 17.7 dBi and can be improved by placing the whole system in an anechoic room. Nevertheless, the implemented system is suitable for demonstration in a course related to wireless communication, antenna theory, remote sensing, radar and so on.

Key words: Radiation pattern, low-cost antenna measurement system, automation, three-antenna method.

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A Courseware about Microwave Antenna Pattern