3D Frequency Selective Structures Using Multilayer PCBs

Authors: Bo Li and Yiming Tang, Zhongxiang Shen

Source: FERMAT, Volume 11, Communications 1, Sep_Oct, 2015

Abstract: Recently, a new class of frequency selective surfaces, named as 3D frequency selective structures (FSSs), are reported in order to achieve high performance, such as sharp rolloff and wide out-of-band rejection. In these 3D FSS designs, multiple resonators are constructed, providing a number of transmission zeros/poles at finite frequencies. High performance can then be obtained by controlling locations of these transmission zeros/poles. However, the major disadvantage of these 3D FSSs is their complicated topologies. Most of them require extra assembly process after fabrication, which will increase undesirable errors and uncertainties. In this talk, a number of 3D FSSs implemented by using multilayered PCB technology are presented. These structures are full printed circuits, which can be fabricated without assembly, thus leading to higher fabrication accuracy and suitable for mass production. It is therefore feasible for this type of FSS to be applied at high frequency applications, such as millimeter-wave systems.

Keywords: 3D frequency selective structures, printed circuit board, spatial filters.

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3D Frequency Selective Structures Using Multilayer PCBs