Authors: Akhlesh Lakhtakia

Source: FERMAT, Volume 8, Communications 3, Mar Apr.,2015

Abstract: Biological structures have evolved to be multifunctional, thereby engendering both economy and adaptability. Inspired by the plethora of surfaces and interfaces possessed by multifunctional biological structures, mimumes are microfibrous multifunctional metamaterials. Their microfibrosity enhances the roles of surface-dominated phenomenons and gives rise to multifunctionality. The chief vehicle for my conceptualization of mimumes is Parylene C, a chlorinated poly(p-xylylene) polymer that is currently used in the bulk non-fibrous form for packaging and tribological applications in electronic and medical arenas. Parylene-C mimumes are expected to display simultaneous ultrasonic, biomedical, terahertz, light, and energy functionalities. Other poly(p-xylylene) polymers are also promising candidats.

Keywords: Bioinspiration, Biomedical, Biomimetics, Bioreplication, Energy harvesting, Metamaterial, Microfibrosity, Multifunctionality, Parylene C, Poly(p-xylylene), Terahertz, Ultrasonic, Ultraviolet.

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