Logo Antenna for 5.8 GHz Wireless Communications

Authors: Kasper L. Jørgensen and Kaj B. Jakobsen

Source: FERMAT, Volume 16, Communication 2, Jul.-Aug., 2018

Abstract: A logo antenna for the 5.8\GHz ISM band is presented. The idea behind the logo antenna is to use the company or university logo as part of the antenna. When disguised as a logo, it may be more acceptable to place the antenna at optimal locations to obtain good coverage. In the present work the university logo has been used. The designed logo antenna has a measured and simulated 3-dB bandwidth of 153.1\MHz (2.6\%) and 165.6\MHz (2.9\%), respectively. The aperture fed, omnidirectional logo antenna is little hand sensitive.

Keywords: Embroidered antenna, Internet of THings (IoT), Body-centric communications, Body area network (BAN), Local Area Network (LAN)

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Logo Antenna for 5.8 GHz Wireless Communications