Terahertz Photoconductive Antennas

Authors: Prof Yi Huang and Dr Neda Khiabani

Source: FERMAT, Volume 14, Communications 11, Mar Apr., 2016

Abstract: The presentation is to introduce a photoconductive (PC) antenna, how it works, what the main parameters and challenges are, how to design a PC antenna and improve its performance, and also to report the latest development. It will show that the major challenge is about how to increase the THz power and the laser (optical) to THz conversion efficiency. Some detailed examples are given to explain how a THz PC antenna could be designed and developed and some latest designs are presented.

Keywords: THz antennas, photoconductive antennas, THz radiated power, Optical-to-THz conversion efficiency, THz detection, THz emission, THz photomixer

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Terahertz Photoconductive Antennas