High-Power Electromagnetics (HPEM)

Authors: Dr. D. V. Giri

Source: FERMAT, Volume 01, Communication 4, Jan_Feb, 2014

Abstract: HPEM is a catch-all acronym that includes many electromagnetic waveforms such as natural lightning, nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP), high-power microwaves (HPM), moderate band signals and hyperband transients [1]. With the exception of natural lightning which has existed from time immemorial, the scientific discipline of HPEM started in the 1960s, when serious attention was paid to NEMP. Dr. Carl Baum played a key role in the evolution of HPEM [2]. In this paper, we will review some major milestones of this evolution and also attempt to look ahead.

Keywords: HPEM, lightning, NEMP, HPM, short pulse, narrowband, moderate band, hyperband

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High-Power Electromagnetics (HPEM)