Transformation Electrostatics

Authors: Tie Jun Cui and Zhong Lei Mei

Source: FERMAT, Volume 9, Communications 1, May Jun., 2015

Abstract: Transformation electrostatics is a d.c. reduction of the transformation electromagnetic or transformation optics, which provides a freedom way to control the electric currents and potentials. Transformation optics/electromagnetics has been used to design and create a lot of novel devices theoretically and numerically, but few of them have been realized due to the difficulties in fabrications of inhomogeneous and anisotropic permittivity and permeability. However, transformation statics provides us an efficient methodology to design and realize novel d.c. devices freely. Using the analogy between electrically conducting materials and resistor networks, such d.c. devices can be designed using the circuit theory. We have fabricated a series of d.c. invisibility cloaks, exterior cloaks, active cloaks, concentrators, carpet cloaks, and illusion devices, etc. The measurement results agree exceptionally well with theoretical predictions and simulation results, showing perfect performance. Manipulation of steady currents with the control of anisotropic conductivities has a lot of potential applications, such as electric impedance tomography, graphene, natural resource exploration, and military hiding.

Keywords: Transformation electrostatics, conducting medium, resistor network, dc cloak, dc transformation devices, control of dc current.

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Transformation Electrostatics