A Printed Planar Helix Antenna*

Authors: Aneesh Chowdary Kommalapati, Chen Zhao, SheelAditya, Ciersiang Chua

Source: FERMAT, Volume 13, Communication 12, Nov.-Dec., 2016

Abstract: The conventional circular helix antenna offers broadband circularly polarized radiation but is difficult to fabricate using printed-circuit techniques. This presentation describes a broadband, circularly polarized, planar helix antenna operating at X-band that is fabricated using printed circuit techniques. For a design with 5 turns, the results of the simulations are as follows: over a frequency range of 8.3 - 11.7 GHz, S11 is less than -10 dB, directivity ranges from 11.7 - 12.6 dBi, and the axial ratio ranges from 0.68 - 3.3 dB. The design is fabricated and the measurement results match the simulation results reasonably well.

Index Terms: Circularly polarized antenna, helix, microfabrication, planar helix.

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A Printed Planar Helix Antenna*