Agile Beam Radiating Surfaces

Authors: Bernard JECKO, Mohamad MAJED, Salma AIJA, Hassan CHREIM, Ali SIBLINI, Hussein ABOU TAAM , Joel ANDRIEU, Michele LALANDE, Edson MARTINOD

Source: FERMAT, Volume 30, Article 2, Nov.-Dec., 2018

Abstract: This paper deals with a new agile beam low profile antenna generating an agile radiating surface to obtain multiple types of radiation patterns for beamforming and beam steering applications. Surface agility, and consequently radiation pattern diversity, are obtained by dividing the radiating surface into small areas called pixels, where each one is able to generate an uniform surface field varying in amplitude and phase. This approach was already presented in the ARMA (Agile Radiating Matrix Antenna) concept [1] and this paper presents a generalization of this technique by introducing any shaped pixels.

Index Terms: Pixel antenna, Agile Radiating Matrix Antenna

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Agile Beam Radiating Surfaces