MIMO Antennas for Mobile Terminals

Authors: Shuai Zhang (1) and Zhinong Ying (2)

Source: FERMAT,Voume 13,Article,Jan-feb,2016

Abstract: Recently, Multiple-Input and MultipleOutput (MIMO) technology has attracted much attention both in industry and academia due to its high data rate and high-spectrum efficiency. By increasing the number of antennas at the transmitter and/or the receiver side of the wireless link, the diversity/MIMO techniques can increase wireless channel capacity without the need for additional power or spectrum in rich scattering environments. However, due to the limited space of small mobile devices, the correlation coefficients between MIMO antenna elements are very high, and the total efficiencies of MIMO elements degrade severely. Furthermore, the human body may give high absorbance of electromagnetic waves. During application, the presence of users may result in the significant reduction of the total efficiencies of the antenna and highly affects the correlations of MIMO antenna systems. In this review paper, recent technologies that aim to improve MIMO antenna performance are reviewed for mobile terminals. The interactions between a MIMO antenna and human body are also reviewed for mobile terminals.

Index Terms: MIMO, diversity, antenna array, mobile handset antenna, UWB, user effect, specific absorption rate.

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MIMO Antennas for Mobile Terminals