Color Imaging for Accurate Color

Authors:H. J. Trussell

Source:FERMAT, Articles, 2016-Vol15-May_Jun-006

Abstract:The term colorimetric imaging is used to describe the process of recording an image where the pixels represent quantitatively accurate color information. This talk will give the background for colorimetric imaging, why it is important, the hardware and software currently in use and the research problems that are of interest. Accurate color recording requires much more than three channels of red, green and blue. Although the eye has only three bands of color sensors in the cones of the retina, this does not mean that an instrument needs only three channels to measure color. Color is more complex and is the result of a continuous spectrum of energy from about 400 nm to 700 nm in wavelength. To accurately record the color of an object, we need to sample this spectrum with sufficient resolution to reproduce the effects of lighting on the appearance of the scene or object. In addition to maintaining the accurate appearance of objects, the accurate recording of the spectrum is required for many applications, ranging from medical diagnoses to pattern recognition and tracking to quality control of textile and food processing.

Keywords:Color Imaging, Accurate Color.

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Color Imaging for Accurate Color