Energy Patterns of the Prototype-Impulse Radiating Antenna (IRA)

Authors: D. V. Giri and F. M. Tesche

Source: FERMAT, Volume 11, Article, Sep_Oct, 2015

Abstract: A question that often comes up in the context of an IRA is “how is the transient energy from the pulse radiated in space?" Of course the electromagnetic fields (both E and H), the power density and the energy density have their maximum on the boresight. Power pattern is a well-defined frequency domain concept, but it is a cumbersome descriptor for hyperband antennas such as an IRA because of the multitude of frequencies involved. In this paper we explore the concept of an energy pattern which holds good both in time and frequency domains. An energy pattern is useful in visualizing where the transient energy provided to the IRA is going. It is further noted that the energy and power patterns are identical for a CW antenna, while they can be vastly different for pulsed antennas.

Index Terms: Impulse Radiating Antenna, Pulsed Antenna, Radiation Characteristics, Power Pattern, Energy Pattern

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Energy Patterns of the Prototype-Impulse Radiating Antenna (IRA)