Imaging Using Phase Conjugation Lens Techniques

Authors: Vincent Fusco and O Malyuskin

Source: FERMAT, Volume 1, Article 1, Jan.-Feb., 2014

Abstract: This paper details a summary review of previously reported work carried out at the Queen’s University of Belfast (UK) into the topic of nonlinear frequency selective surfaces as a means for imaging in the far, or in, the near-field using the principle of phase conjugation. We detail some of the main theoretical and practical issues surrounding this topic. Emphasis is placed on an active dual-sided lens topology based on microwave phase conjugating circuitry and a single layer nonlinearly loaded pumped wire array technology. This paper is intended as a means for rapid assimilation of this topic. It is also hoped that others will wish to expand on the original material which has been created in this area.

Index Terms: phase conjugation, nonlinear frequency selective surface, imaging, spatial data encryption.

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Imaging Using Phase Conjugation Lens Techniques