A Look at the Wide Spectrum of Wireless Power Transmission

Authors: Giorgio Franceschetti , Vincenzo Gervasio , and Raj Mittra

Source: FERMAT, Volume 3, Article 4, Nov._Dec., 2014

Abstract: Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) was first postulated by Glaser (1968) in connection with his Solar Power Satellite project. However, no significant follow-on steps on this project have been implemented until now, due to the extremely long return times required to recover the large investments that are necessary in this enterprise. Perhaps it is better to invest in projects with more limited scopes, in order to improve the level of scientific and technological competence, and as a stepping stone for more ambitious implementations. This paper examines these intermediate applications that are based on techniques for wireless energy refuelling of high-altitude platforms and airships, a subject area which is of great interest to Homeland Security (HS) and to telecommunication services, among others. The objective of this paper is to highlight the role of the scientific community within this new research area, arguing that the advancement of WPT needs the creation of a “new” science and not just an extension of the existing science that is tailored to information rather than to power transmission. This paper provides a few examples to lend credence as well as support to this assertion.

Index Terms: Airships, atmospheric satellites, electromagnetic momentum, electromagnetic wind, high-altitude platforms, microwaves, rectenna, UAV, wireless power transfer, WPT.

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A Look at the Wide Spectrum of Wireless Power Transmission