Reflectarray antennas: A review

Authors:Eduardo Carrasco and Jose A. Encinar

Source:FERMAT, Articles, 2016-Vol16-Jul_Aug-002

Abstract: Reflectarray antennas have attracted special attention for implementing high gain antennas as they combine some advantages of phased arrays and reflectors, such as low losses, ease of manufacture in flat panels, low cross polarization and the possibility of an electronic control of the beam. This paper reviews different contributions in reflectarrays from fixed-beam to reconfigurable-beam implementations in single and multilayer configurations, including applications for linear and circular polarization, single and multiple beams, pencil and shaped beams, considering single and dual reflectarray configurations.

Index Terms: reflectarray, reflectarray cells, reconfigurable reflectarrays.

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Reflectarray antennas: A review