From Kirchhoff Voltages to Maxwell Waves

Authors: Jaume Anguera, Aurora Andújar, Xavier Vilasís

Source: FERMAT, Volume 40, Article 1, Jul.-Aug., 2020

Abstract: The paper introduces undergraduate students who have been in contact with Kirchhoff lows but not to Maxwell equations to introduce the field of electromagnetic radiation and guided waves. Using a simple circuit (a generator, a conductive line above a ground plane and a resistive load), easily understood from Kirchhoff laws when the size of the circuit is much less than the operating wavelength, students are introduced to guided waves and antennas when the frequency of the generator increases. The objective is to open a door to antenna and microwave engineering in a smooth manner prior to the use of Maxwell equations.

Index Terms: electromagnetics engineering education, antenna theory and microwaves undergraduate teaching

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From Kirchhoff Voltages to Maxwell Waves